All That Labradoodles Puppy Return Policy

Returning your adopted puppy.

Despite our best efforts to vet our clients and ensure our puppies are going to the right homes, here at All That Labradoodles we understand life happens, living circumstances change and family arrangements evolve. Regardless of the time between purchase and return, we will always take back one of our puppies but under our conditions.

With the exception of situations that pertain to our health guarantee, All That Labradoodles, will under no circumstances issue a refund to a family looking to return their puppy, regardless of the reason. 

Our return policy:


We acknowledge that life can leave things out of our control at times, but once a puppy has left our home, we have no control over its future development, health and training. 


Therefore, when a puppy is returned to us we expect that we will have to spend some of our time and resources either placing the puppy in a new home or re-introducing the dog into our family and this is why we cannot provide refunds. 


All That Labradoodles encourages families to truly try and make the continued ownership of their dog or puppy happen, but when that is simply no longer an option, we will be there for the pup. These scenarios are why All That Labradoodles spends a lot of time vetting their potential adopters. 


Home and family changes can often lead to trauma for a dog and can have lasting effects that take much time and effort to correct.