Our Dogs

A family of Doodles and Poodles

Ladies First

Our girls range from first and second generation Labradoodle, a party Labradoodle and finally our princess Eve, a Standard Poodle.

Our Studs


Wagner is ATL's new in-house stud after our long-time man of the house, Chaos. Wagner is incredibly gentle and affectionate as a pet. He sports a chocolate and white coat that we often call his tuxedo. He also makes Wookie noises on occasion.


When our dogs exit the breeding program and are retired they are either placed in new loving homes or live out their golden years with us in the All That Labradoodles household. 


Long-time Stud of the ATL family, Chaos was retired in 2020 as we moved to diversify our breeding program. Chaos is still a part of the ATL household and is easing into retirement very comfortably.