Dog Walking & Canine Socialization Service now available!

Our dog walking program operates Monday-Friday with occasional Saturday service available upon request. We are available for scheduled and routine walking appointments and will accept on-call appointments provided we can accommodate the request. We currently offer our service primarily in South Frontenac and the surrounding area. Service may be provided in the Kingston area, albeit at an increased cost.

In addition to simply offering dog walking services, we are offering canine socialization sessions as well as we understand this is something that has been difficult to achieve with the current pandemic situation. Canine socialization is crucial for puppies, especially in the 2-6 month age range. We are able to not just bring your pup for a walk but also bring it a friend to socialize with while on its walk. Dogs are ALWAYS walked on a leash and only in safe and public areas. Unless you've requested your dog to take part in socialization sessions, your dog will always be walked solo and with our full attention. Please take the time to fill out the form below so we can learn about you and your pup and give you the best service we can based on the information you provide us with.

Dog Walking/Canine Socialization Application

Let us know about your pup!

We aren't judging! This info prepares us for when we do eventually take the dog on walks
This will help us ensure your dog's boundaries are respected while on walks and that we are prepared for how your dog is likely to react when encountering other canines.

Desired Service

We offer socialization sessions for young pups in controlled environments and with other canines who've been properly socialized. Canine socialization is essential for young pups, especially between the 2-6 month age range. In addition, even older dogs can benefit from socialization sessions if they aren't around other dogs often.