ATL welcomes new pup to the pack as we prepare for a very busy winter season.

Juniper - The Red Fox Lab pup

It was earlier this week when I was going through my to-do list when it hit me like a sack of bricks. It's nearly the end of August! Which for most of my life was the symbolic conclusion of Summer.

For most, September means getting back to business and routines – however, we know this year nothing has been routine. 

Still, while I do enjoy the fun parts of summer like going to the cottage, getting projects done around the property and having beach days, I am very much looking forward to the Fall, particularly this upcoming season. I’m a big fan of cool weather and Fall colours. 


When it comes to running a dog breeding program, you must always be thinking many months and even years ahead and there’s been much planning surrounding this Fall and Winter season. 


This past Spring we made the decision to retire our Chocolate lab Rhea and our Yellow lab Gaia. They will now live out their golden years in the ATL household as the local seniors. 


This means for the next year, our litters will consist of second gen labradoodles and poodle litters. This also means we wanted to implement another lab into the breeding program. 


And that being said; we’re so excited to introduce Juniper (aka: Juno, June, Junebug) to the ATL family. Juniper is a 10 week old furball of concentrated cuteness and is the epitome of the Labrador Retriever breed. She chews, she hikes and loves to swim. Needless to say, shoes must ALWAYS go in the closet these days. 


Just like our clients, we too get very excited to have a new puppy in the home, even as breeders. 


And just like the rest of the canines in our home, Juniper is a pet first and will always be just that. We have spent the last two weeks exposing her to our pack (family) and the new world around her. This has meant multiple hikes and beach trips which has aided in leash training, socialization with both canines and other people. She’s already started fetching sticks out of the water in true Labrador fashion. 


And while we are excited to have Juniper in the household we are also eagerly counting down the days until Comet’s litter arrives next month. 

Unfortunately for those interested, we’ve already hit our deposit limit for her litter and have many clients lined up for any additional puppies she has. 


For those interested in our anticipated Fall litters please be sure to follow our ‘Upcoming Litters’ page and be sure to also follow us on Facebook and Instagram as well for the latest updates on anticipated litters and puppy availability.


We’ll be sure to have another post up once Comet’s litter arrives! Until then, remain tuned and stay safe! 


Nicholas Camilleri, 

Kennel & Breeding Assistant