As we say goodbye to our Spring litters, high demand looms for Fall Labradoodle litters

By: Nicholas Camilleri

Breeding & Kennel Assistant

July 07, 2020

 Eight weeks! 

It’s hard to believe it’s already been eight weeks since our chocolate Labradoodles arrived. And as of this past weekend, they’ve all gone home with their new families!

For some, these past few months may have felt like forever given that the pandemic changed many common dynamics of our daily lives. But for us in the ATL family, we were as busy as ever. Luckily we enjoy our own company and living in a rural setting, we still got our dose of outside time (ie:project, after project, after project). 

While we had to adjust some of our procedures and practices during the pandemic, life still held some resemblance to normalcy here at the All That Labradoodles household. 

For myself personally, the biggest change was shifting from working full-time as a falconer & bird control technician at a regional landfill to just part-time so I could focus on getting more involved with our breeding operation. 

So as my one and a half year old Harris’ Hawk Theo was put in his pen and began his first moult (the natural process many birds go through annually where they shed feathers and grow back new, stronger feathers), I too took a step back and began to shed some ‘habitual’ feathers of my own. 

By the time I had made this shift, we already had two litters in the house. 

With Glenda already full swing into puppy care mode, I put the skills I gained from my former time in the digital media world to work and began developing a website for our breeding operation. 

And I think I can safely speak for the both of us when I say we are surprised and satisfied with the immediate response and feedback we received from the launch of the website.

Needless to say, while we still have big plans for the website like implementing new sections, infographics and more, we are very pleased with the results after just one month! 

Our call back list is exploding and it has become a daily task to update the growing list. 

That said, we do encourage everyone interested in one of our puppies to reach out and make sure they are on our list if they are interested in our Fall litters. A large callback list months out from litters arriving isn’t indicative of no puppy availability for litters months away. 

We’re expecting three litters this Fall with more details to come on generation and coat colours as we get closer to the Autumn. We hope to have at least a couple litters going to their adopted homes before Christmas. 

Going forward, we plan to continue making posts on the site to keep interested puppy adopters up to date on upcoming litters. 

In addition, we plan to use this as a platform to tell stories and talk about common subjects that go hand in hand with owning, training and taking care of pups. 

Our next post will likely confirm more details about our upcoming litters. Until then, keep checking our site and social media feeds for details.