All That Labradoodles Adoption Application Form

Please take the time to fill out our application form below.


In order to be placed on our waitlist, this form MUST BE COMPLETED AND SUBMITTED. 


This form will allow us to review your family details while also placing you on our waitlist at the same time.


This information remains completely confidential and will be deleted either after the adoption process or if we concluded there is no longer interest in an ATL adoption.


Once we’ve received and reviewed your application, we will reach out and confirm you have been placed on the list. 


In addition, this information is ONLY accessible by ATL.

Colour is not guaranteed but we can guess with some accuracy what colours to expect in our litters. By knowing what you prefer, we can match you with a litter that will increase the likelihood of getting the colour you like.
While it may occur on some occasions, ATL does not typically offer mature puppies, but there are occasions when an opportunity to adopt a mature puppy (4 Month+) may arise.
This is something ATL has a lot of experience, even within our own household. The right canine can be an amazing companion for individuals with disabilities or special needs.
Our decision to adopt a dog to a family is not dependent upon this - but we'll be able to better prepare you and your family if we know more about your experience with dog ownership.
Our decision to adopt a dog isn't completely reliant upon this answer, but it is something to consider when adopting a dog, especially a puppy. As a breeder we need to be aware of such plans so that we can properly ensure you and the puppy are prepared for any of these events.
This information can help us pair a dog that will suit your family dynamic.