About Us

As our motto goes, ‘We aren’t just breeders, we put great dogs in great homes’. We stand behind that motto 100%. After decades in the dog industry, we have all the experience and skills that are essential to running a well-founded and ethical dog breeding operation. 

If you’re adopting from us, you’re adopting from the best.

Glenda Rutherford
Glenda Rutherford
Founder & Owner of All That Labradoodles
Nicholas Camilleri
Nicholas Davies
Kennel assistant & breeder
at All That Labradoodles

Back to 1995

After working for 18 years as a registered nurse in the intensive care unit at Hamilton General, I made the big decision to leave the world of medicine behind. Dogs were my life and I decided to follow my passion and devote my time and efforts to the world of dogs. My first big moves were to join the Canadian Kennel Club and a local breed club and it was not long after that I started my journey breeding and showing purebred Labrador Retrievers. 

1998 - Starting The Country Paws Dog Kennel

While still continuing work on my breeding operation, it was only a few years later that I founded and opened a small boarding, grooming and training facility in St. Agatha, Ontario. Over the next 20 years, the business flourished and grew exponentially, allowing me the opportunity to meet so many amazing dogs and clients. I was embedded in the local canine lover community and proud to say I still am a part of the community to this day.


Below is my daughter Jaclyn showing a dog at a Kitchener-Waterloo Kennel Club dog show. 

2015 - The start of something new

Over the last two decades, I’ve taken advantage of many resources and professional contacts to learn all I could about pet nutrition, training, health and what it takes to make a pup a valued member of any household. And it was after these decades of education and experience that I made the decision to move on from my kennel operations.



In 2015, I sold my business and moved myself and my breeding program to beautiful Puslinch Ontario.  As of 2020, I now totally devoted 100 per cent of my time to breeding. The breeding program has changed over the last 25 years, beginning with Labrador Retrievers to Pugs to Shelties and finally to my present love, Labradoodles and Standard Poodles.  Both of these breeds offer loyalty, unconditional love, intelligence and hypoallergenic non shedding options that make them a great match for the most experienced to the first time dog owner.  

2016-present - The 'All That Labradoodles' Brand

At All That Labradoodles we always put our dogs well being first.  All dogs and puppies are treated with the utmost respect and loyalty that they reciprocate.  All our dogs live in our home as pets first and when our breeding dogs are retired from the program, they are placed in loving clients’ homes or stay with us for the remainder of their lives. We have no obligation to sell our puppies to just anyone and we take many steps and measures to ensure our puppies are placed in proper and fitting forever homes.  

The future looks great!

As of Spring 2020, my son-in-law, Nicholas Davies, has now joined me as an apprentice and works alongside me to assist with our breeding program to ensure it is the best it can be.

Performing cleaning and maintenance jobs at the All That Labradoodle facility, Davies has dived head-first into the world of dogs and our breeding operation. Nick is no stranger to working with animals. As a fully licensed falconer, Davies used birds of prey to keep pest birds away from his company’s client’s facilities and still works part-time with his Hawk Theo and his labradoodle Brook to perform avian pest abatement at job sites around Ontario.  Davies is currently in the process of developing his own dog training and behaviour program.